PET expert

ASCON Corp.’s core business is to develop and to implement concrete sustainable recycling solutions. We are all aware of the fact that raw materials are finite. Sustainability, sustainable development, and a "green economy" are the major challenges faced by a modern economy, politics, and industry and, of course, each and every one of us. For over 25 years now ASCON group has been engaged in sustainable recycling solutions, with a focus on plastics recycling.

ASCON Resource Management Corporation advances especially to PET experts who provides technical expertise and an extensive network of global relationships. ASCON Corp. provides access to cost-effective and value-added partnerships in the PET circular economy.

Examples on our PET business:

Current business segments:

  • export of PET bottles from the American and Canadian take-back systems to Europe
  • export of PET bottles from the American and Canadian MRF Single-Stream collection quantities to Europe
  • development of further PET customers in Europe, primarily Slovakia, Romania and Austria
  • fulfilment of concluded purchase agreements of 3,000 t/m as of the third quarter of 2019

Current projects for the expansion of business fields

  • joint venture to set up a PET recycler in Montreal for the Montreal, Quebec and Ontario regions & promotion of the project by the province of Montreal
  • construction of an own PET recycling plant in Florida, close contact and discussion with the Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County
  • implementation of a rPET recycling plant in Manatee County, Florida